Yanmar Repower and Parts

Yankee Marina and Boatyard has had a longstanding relationship with the Yanmar brand. Yanmar is the nation's leading supplier of marine diesel engines for repowering and new boat construction. Yanmar's lightweight diesel engines are of high performance: smooth-running, clean, fuel-efficient and built to last.

We are partnered with Mack Boring & Parts Company, the leading North American supplier of Yanmar marine diesel engines for over 40 years. Mack boring is an invaluable resource, providing Yanmar engines, parts, and training for our Yanmar certified technicians. They go the extra mile to provide the products and support that allows Yankee Marina to be the exceptional repower specialists that has earned Yanmar Gold Plus Dealer status.

Yanmar Powered

From the 9 horsepower Yanmar 1GM10 single cylinder sailboat auxiliary engine to the 480 horsepower Yanmar 6LY3-ETP powerboat engine, Yankee Marina and Boatyard has the knowledge, experience and support to provide the ultimate repower solution to your individual needs. Our team will collaborate with you in planning every step of your repower project, from selecting the perfect match from the extensive Yanmar Marine Diesel inventory, providing the engineering to properly fit your new Yanmar Diesel in your engine space, and placing engine instruments and throttles in exactly the right place, Yankee Marina will attend to every detail to ensure peace of mind and trouble-free operation of your new Yanmar Marine Diesel for years to come.

Yanmar Marine Engine Repower

Our Yanmar Certified Technicians are always updated and trained on new diesel engine models, installation techniques, diagnostic technology and optimizing the power available by assembling the perfect drive train for your boat. Whether you have a water jet, sail drive, or propeller, our technicians have the knowledge, training, and experience to take on any project with confidence and provide the best solutions for your needs.

The Yankee Marina technicians and staff go the extra mile to protect your vessel during the repower process. From removing, labeling and storing equipment to covering the decks and bulkheads to ensure that nothing is damaged, we treat your investment with care and take pride in paying attention to the smallest detail.

In addition to our repowering services, we carry an extensive inventory of Yanmar parts. We carry the most popular fuel, air and oil filters, engine zincs and more. If we don’t have what you need on hand, we can get it shipped from Mack Boring’s Yanmar distribution center. And if you can’t come to us, we can ship your Yanmar parts to you.

Yankee Marina and Boatyard is proud to be a Yanmar Gold Plus Dealer. Contact us for any of your engine repower needs and you will quickly see why we have been awarded the Gold Plus status. Yankee Marina and Boatyard and Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines should be your first choice for your engine repower needs.

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