Expert Awlgrip Marine Paint Services

Boat with Marine Awlgrip Paint Applied

Yankee Marina & Boatyard specializes in Awlgrip® marine paint application.

Awlgrip® is a high durability product, that requires very specific safety precautions, application skill and a controlled environment for proper application. With expert application, Awlgrip® is the most recommended paint in the marine environment. Outfitted with a highly-effective dust collection and ventilation system, our dedicated, heated workspace provides optimal Awlgrip® working conditions, any time of year. With our crew’s expert, attention to detail, we are able to produce the finest finishing jobs anywhere.

For a beautiful Awlgrip® job that will endure salt water, ultra violet rays and corrosion with minimum maintenance, Yankee Marina & Boatyard is the place for you.

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