Heated Indoor Boat & Yacht Storage

Boats stored in a heated storage warehouse at Yankee Marina & Boatyard

Protect Your Investment and Maximize your Time on the Water.

Yankee Marina & Boatyard has space within our state of the art inside winter boat storage facility. Indoor winter boat storage allows your vessel to be nestled within the warm walls of our clean and modern, radiantly heated facility.

Beyond being very secure, our indoor boat storage allows both you, the boat owner, as well as our staff convenient access to your boat should you need any work to be completed. Yankee Marina will not only store your boat but they can also maintain it during the winter months. If you wish to have work performed on your boats, our indoor storage option enables a more efficient work process and an earlier launch, which means more time on the water for you and your family.

For those with more complex projects, we offer a Project Management Option which provides an enhanced system to track progress and communicate directly with you concerning the progress of work being performed on your vessel.

If you are interested in our state of the art inside storage facility, contact us today for a quote.

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