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Yankee Marina & Boatyard sets the marine industry standard for results oriented world-class customer relations.  Our services are customer driven, based in realizing that your boat is more than an asset and that boating is an integral part of your life.

We value every project whether it is a minor repair or a major refit.  Our approach in servicing your boat begins with getting to know you and what you seek in boating.  As the first step, we work closely with you to explore your needs, provide cost effective options, formulate a detailed estimate, and  develop a work plan and schedule.  

As projects often require the coordinated work of electronic, mechanical, woodworking, rigging, painting/varnishing, and other specialties, our crew is organized in cross-functional teams. Meeting regularly to discuss current projects facilitates ongoing internal communication and enables us to deal more effectively with project challenges. Additionally, by taking a preventive approach to regular boat maintenance, our crew identifies and makes recommendations as to how to deal with issues before they impact your boating plans.

We keep you abreast of our progress by providing a weekly synopsis of work accomplished and an updated estimate of the final completion date.  For more complex projects, we also offer a Project Management Option which provides an enhanced system to track progress.  As work is performed on your boat or at any time you have questions, both our management team and each of our crew are eager to discuss how we can meet your boating needs.

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