Stepping J120 Mast

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanks for your interest in our video of stepping the mast on a J120. We took this video using a GoPro camera attached to the masthead during the spring of 2016. Sections of the video have been sped up, and other sections deleted to make the video more interesting. The camera remained at the masthead for the 2016 sailing season and was retrieved in the fall (kidding).

Stepping a mast here at Yankee Marina usually takes a crew of three. Everything possible is done to ensure the safety of the crew and the protection of our customer’s boats. We have installed a padded cover over the crane boom tip in case it makes contact with the mast. We also have the cable weight and hook completely padded to protect the mast. At the deck level we use a padded bag for the furler drum, and on keel stepped masts we wrap the section of the mast in protective plastic prior to stepping / unstepping to protect the mast surface visible below deck. A blanket is also spread out to prevent the shrouds / turnbuckles from marking the deck. Our favorite tools are diagonal cutting pliers, an adjustable wrench, Genie man lift - a.k.a. The Magic Carpet (used for connecting and disconnecting the crane hook from the sling around the mast) and our trusty Terex crane.

All rigs are inspected during decommissioning before they are disassembled and stored for the winter. Any comments / concerns noted during the inspection are communicated to the owner with recommendations. During commissioning, all lights and VHF connections are checked prior to the mast being stepped. On keel stepped rigs, deck tie down straps / pins are installed, wedges put in place and the partners are sealed to prevent water intrusion. Once stepped, the mast wiring is connected and all electronics are checked. Depending on the requests of the owner, the rig is tuned, boat is rigged and sails are bent on. 

We are a full service department and can handle all of your rigging needs. Although we do not have a sail loft, we can arrange to have your sails cleaned, serviced or replaced. All of the members of the rigging department are avid sailors and are more then happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your rig - please feel free to contact us.